Spill it Sunday: Feeling Trendy

We’re getting personal around here today… very personal. Arman offered the chance to chat about trends (unfortunate or otherwise) that I’ve chosen to jump in on over the years. At first I thought this was going to be hard since I was the exact opposite of trendy growing up. I could have cared less for the spice girls, didn’t have an opinion on BSB vs NSYNC, and didn’t feel the need for glitter covered clothes from Limited Too (can you tell I was a 90’s kid?). 

I think I broke my mothers heart when it started to be clear that I was not going to be a total girly girl. My first and last “girly” trend growing up was my American Girl Dolls.  I had a bitty baby first, then as I grew up I had Molly and Kit. I loved having dolls that looked like real girls, that came with books full of adventures and awesome clothes and accessories. 
And having these dolls saved me from having to dress my baby brother up to play tea party (I tried so hard to find pictures of this because it’s adorable… no luck yet). Looking back it was one of the few times I was into something “girly” growing up and I think my mom loved me more for it. I’ve been a total bookworm since I was little, so having dolls with books made them more interesting to me, and in turn gave me something I could connect with with my friends. 
And it’s a good thing I gave my mom those early years of girliness because by middle school I had settled into full on nerd girl. It takes a special kind of 7th grade girl to get excited over a book on CGI animation autographed by Andy Serkis (the guy who plays Gollum in Lord of the Rings). 
But then again it takes a special kind of 7th grade girl to be given the class superlative “Miss Lord of the Rings” and be happy with it… My dad started me on good books when I was young and I have never looked back. 

I guess you could call the biggest trend of my life being a Fan Girl. I started with books and TV. While most kids were dropping into the world of AIM and Myspace I discovered the world of online fanfiction and that’s when things really went downhill. 
Over the years they started making some of my favorite books into movies, which just added a whole new layer (I’ve mentioned my obsessive personality right? This was the age where it was out of control). Over the past few year’s I’ve been a part of the following fandoms:The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Star Wars, Hunger Games, Divergent, Bones, Alias, Doctor Who and most recently Sherlock (damn my brother and his addiction to BBC). 
Some people might consider this a problem, others (like the BF) affectionately call be a dork and let it be. In my mind nothing bad could possibly come from having a rich imagination, which I was I keep falling in love with fictional characters and letting the magic of their worlds sweep me off my feet. 
And since it wouldn’t be fair to share only good trends…. Welcome to freshman year of college, where under the influence of one very sweet friend I became proficient in the the art of the duck face. 
Thank goodness I grew out of this one!

What’s the trend you’re proudest of following? Anyone else have any really bad duck face pictures? 


12 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday: Feeling Trendy

  1. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Wow, I loved your nerdy qualities- so refreshing from the norm.

    Is it bad that I still do the duck face? Well, as a joke 😉

    PS- You should watch EVERY Dr.Who episode (and subsequently waste away several days..or weeks).

  2. Sarah Pie

    If they were on Netflix I'd totally be on that already… as it is it probably won't be too long before I get on that. And somehow I see you happily rocking the duckface, NOT as a joke!

  3. juliegoeshealthy

    I remember coveting those American Girl doll catalogs. I never actually got one though! 😦

    I think the duck face is still a trend. Haha.

  4. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    Wow! I don't even recognize you in the duck face picture!
    Much like you, I was a complete and total book worm growing up, coupled with a side of tomboy. I was also into really bad B movies, like The Nightmare on Elm Street, Space Balls, etc. These are the dangers growing up surrounded by brothers I guess.
    I say embrace your inner dork. Actually I'm pretty sure you already have. 🙂


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