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Spill it Sunday: Musical Chat Roulette

Good morning everyone! Looks a little different around here, huh? You’ll have to be patient with me as I settle into my new home here at WordPress, but I’m hoping to have all the bugs worked out by the end of the week ūüôā

This week Arman has us basically playing Chat Roulette¬†¬† with our musical devices… so things could get interesting. Be sure to swing by The Big Man’s World to see what everyone else is listening to.


I always keep my phone loaded with music because the commute get’s pretty boring pretty fast without it. I actually just stocked up on a bunch of new CD’s at the library yesterday so I’ll be adding even more variety in the next few weeks.

If you only knew: Shinedown, The Sound of Madness

Shinedown has been in my collection since High School, it started when I heard a song I liked (What a Shame) in the background of a Harry Potter fan video… yeah yeah nerd alert… ¬†and I’ve since had the chance to enjoy all of their albums since.

All I wanted: Paramore, Brand New Eyes

One of my childhood friends has been in love with Paramore for as long as I’ve known her (and for a while she had the bright red hair to match). We don’t talk much anymore, but she’ll occasionally send me links to their songs on Facebook.

Renegade: DAUGHTRY, Renegade 

We’re moving into guilty pleasure territory with this one. I remember watching Chris Daughtry on American Idol with my dad, and little high school me just loved him! I’ve since moved on from the man but I’m still a sucker for his music.

U +UR Hand: P!nk, I’m Not Dead

The title on this one is self-explanatory, no? P!nk is my go to when I need angry girl music, music for a girl’s night, or a good cry. Seriously her albums cover everything (and her athleticism is to die for).

I’ve been: Original Broadway Cast, Next to Normal

Seriously it’s my Iphone, you knew a musical was bound to come up ūüėČ This is one of the best songs from one of my favorite modern shows. Go check it out, I promise it’s a goodie!

And I suppose since it’s Sunday I should throw in a selfie for good measure, right? It’s a comfy morning before work with my glasses on and my mug of tea. I’m also wearing the BF’s shirt…


shh don’t tell him I stole it

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WIR #36: Making it Better

Hey guys, this morning marks one of the perks I’d forgotten about having a school placement, school holidays! Not that I’m not loving all the work I’ve had a chance to in the last few weeks, but nothing wrong with a 3 day weekend once in a while right? ¬†
Plus it gave me a chance to pick up some extra hours at job #2 (and I’m gonna need the money…)¬†
See I got into my first ever car accident this weekend. Nothing serious, I’m fine and so is the SUV I hit. My brakes locked up as I was approaching a stop light and I spent a good ten feet sliding to a stop… into the car in front of ¬†me. I haven’t ¬†gotten confirmation from the yet that there’s no damage to their car, and I haven’t gotten an estimate on how much it’s going to cost to fix mine. Let’s just say I’m glad full time employment is coming closer each day.¬†
At least the rest of the week leading up to that was good! I’m really loving my school placement. My supervisor is already giving me a lot of control over the day to day running of her caseload and the meetings don’t seem quite as overwhelming when they’re spread out over the course of a week. Friday was a little nuts (literally kids gone crazy) but my supervisor blames the full moon for that one.¬†
My little accident happened on my way to work on Saturday, and I did my best not to let the bad mood it put me in ruin Saturday night with the BF. Thank goodness he’s put up with me in a lot worse of moods so he wasn’t even phased. A few kisses, some pizza, movies, and I’d almost forgotten about the accident (what can I say the boys good!)

We each made individual pizza’s mine full of veggies and his full of meat (though he snuck a little green on there!) He made a second for lunch at work this week. ¬†

Then we went to see The Wolf on Wall Street. I have to say I was expecting it to be raunchy and I was not disappointed. It was almost like watching Moulin Rouge set on Wall Street (but with more drugs and more hookers). Not something I would recommend to my parents but definitely fun and Leo was awesome.

We curled up with Frozen later that night and I can say it definitely lived up to all the hype (plus my girlcrush Idina Menzel makes for a wonderfully sassy leading lady). Sometimes something as simple as a kids movie really can change your whole attitude.  
Here’s hoping this week has all of the good from last week (with none of the accidental surprises!). As always I’m linking this list up with Meghan’s Week in Review because it’s where all the cool kids go on Mondays (so peer pressure say’s you should too).¬†

Spill it Sunday: Booty shaking and pancake making

Good Morning everyone. Hope you all are enjoying a lazy sunday morning of mad monkeying, pancake making or however you choose to spend your weekends ūüôā

Arman¬†asked for our musical confessions for this week’s Spill it Sunday which brought my mind right to Usher…

Yeah… this post is going to be all over the place… consider yourself warned!

What is your all time favourite musical artist/band?
This is a terrible question because my taste in music is almost always dependant on my mood. I love love love P!nk, I could listen to John Mayer for hours, and I think everything by Helen Jane Long is beautiful. 

 What is your favourite genre of music?
As if my answer above wasn’t enough to clue you in I’m really indecisive when it comes to picking favorites (it’s like asking me to pick a favorite book!). That being said I think I have to go with musicals as my favorite genre. I spent some quality time with Idina Menzel¬†while cleaning up my pancake mess in the kitchen yesterday, and I have to say the chance to belt showtunes around an empty kitchen was long overdue!

¬†I grew up on with Annie and Joseph, fell in love with Phantom of the Opera and Wicked in high school, and I’m still adding to my list of well loved shows that I will probably never see today…¬†

Spring Awakening is one such show!
 Which musician does NOT deserve that title?
I’d say Miley Cyrus is the winner here… but then again we live in a world where Rebecca Black exists so there’s that.¬†

Most embarrassing musical admissions/tastes 
I own every album of Taylor Swift’s… right next to all my Linkin Park which makes my most embarrassing admission the fact that I never know what’s going to come up next on my phone. Or I could just confess my absolute adoration of Daughtry…¬†

Now that I’ve given ¬†you a musical buffet shout out below with one song you think I should add to my collection!

WIR #25: The Party edition

Good morning lovelies! I can already tell this is going to be a good week ūüôā In case you missed it on Friday (where I proudly proclaimed it through every social media channel I possess as soon as I made it back to my car and my phone) I passed this little thing called the praxis…

That’s it, I’m done! True I still have to finish my clinical placements, and actually graduate in the spring… but that was the big guy hanging over my head it’s all easy stuff from here.¬†
Before that bit of goodness on Friday I had an awesome time with some therapy dogs at school. Seriously I was only able to stay in the room for half an hour and I wish I could have stayed 5x as long. The great dane in particular thought he was some sort of lap dog, all he wanted to do was snuggle next to me. It really was a little slice of puppy heaven, and a needed break from the craziness I worked myself into last week. 
I also made some awesome muffins for our potluck breakfast at my placement, and had way too much fun posing with them in the kitchen (it’s not too often my baking turns out this well so forgive me for wanting to document the occasion).¬†
More on these babies next week during the big reveal!
But the real fun from last week happened over the weekend (of course). I managed to wait until I got home from the test site and heated up some deliciously naughty food before cracking open my first drink (though it was hard!) and then happily continued in that trend for the rest of the weekend!

BF came down from work on Friday (and was very apologetic that he didn’t have time to stop for flowers) to head to a surprise birthday party for one on my girlfriends from high school. Her mom knows how to throw a party, DJ and all, so we all spent a wonderful night talking, drinking, laughing, and dancing like fools. It was my first time letting loose like that in months, and it was a great reminder of how the right people can make for the best of nights.¬†
Saturday morning the BF treated me to a celebratory breakfast and a walk through the last weekend of our farmers market in my hometown (if I hadn’t already stocked up I probably would have bought 3 more jars of honey just to make sure I had enough for the winter).¬†
The rest of the weekend was spent at my usual hours at job #2, and my client was in a really good mood all weekend which made for awesome sessions. I also did some work around here that was long overdue (I don’t love the new header yet, but it’s getting there) and planned out my commitment to fitness for next month by officially signing up for my first 5k on Thanksgiving. Which was enough to have me lacing up my shoes for my first real run in weeks, if nothing else to see how hard I was going to have to work next month.¬†
I was thrilled to see that when I went for my first run in weeks yesterday I hadn’t really lost much in the time off. In fact running in the cool air felt GREAT (minus the fact that my ears were ready to fall off… I need to get some earmuff thingies).¬†
Annnnndddd that’s been about it. Food. BF. Drinks. School. Fitness. Sounds like a pretty good week in review to me (and if that wasn’t enough listing for you I’m sure Meghan won’t disappoint so go visit her).

Rockin New Years Eve

I’m not one of the lucky people in New York this year, the BF and I are back down at my Alma Mater for some New Year’s fun with old friends. We’ll probably manage to catch the ball dropping on TV, but I doubt we’ll get to hear all the musical¬†performances¬†(whose even singing this year, anybody know?). That being said I thought I would ring out the new year by sharing my top ten new (and newly¬†discovered¬†) songs of 2012 with you all. Think of it as a virtual mix tape, from my ears to yours ūüôā

Rumor has it- Adele

Ho Hey-The Lumineers

All to well-Taylor Swift

Kingdom Come- The Civil Wars

The Aviators-Helen Jane Long

One More Night- Maroon Five

Everyday-Toby Lightman

Try- P!nk

What makes you beautiful-The Piano Guys

Happy New Years, everyone! We’re getting ready for a new year and a new look starting tomorrow, so be sure to check back in ūüôā¬†

Come on baby with me we’re gonna fly away….

This afternoon I went over to my aunt and uncle’s house to say goodbye to the best dog ever, I know people say that a lot but Sassy truly was. She is a beautiful golden¬†retriever who has had a lot of life in her (almost) 12 years. From chasing the kittens around my aunt’s house, her inability to ever decide if she wants to go in or out (particularly¬†in the middle of January when you really don’t want to stand with the door open), and her sweet brown eyes that draw you in to giving her one more treat (even when you know she has already scammed everyone else in the room and licked the dishes to boot!). Sassy¬†certainly¬†made every family get together an event and, while we¬†certainly¬†complained about her boundless energy sometimes, there isn’t anything I would give to see her tail wagging and have her chase us around the yard once more.¬†
Sassy had been having a hard time walking around, and was really favoring her one paw when my Aunt took her to the vet to get it looked at. The news was grim, Sass-a-frass had bone cancer, and there wasn’t much that could be done except to keep her comfortable in her final days. She can’t use her one paw at all anymore, and she was pretty shaky moving around today but even that didn’t stop her from getting up from her spot in the yard to come meet us when we came over. From what I’ve heard this past week has been filled with peanut butter sandwiches and ice cream cones from¬†McDonald’s¬†(I know I slipped her a piece of bacon when we were visiting today).¬†
As sad as I am to know she is going to be put to sleep (and trust me I cried most of the way home) I know deep down that it is for the best. And you have to take pause at a moment like this to remember to put your life in perspective. As sad as we are to see her go we know that she had a great life and was absolutely cherished by her family. 
So as I sit with my family tonight and remember all the good times we shared with Sassy I¬†challenge¬†you to embrace the good that can be found in your life (I don’t care how stressed or miserable you think you are). Hug your parents, send a note to your friends, give your pet a belly rub. Just take a moment to be in the present and enjoy your life for all the good that you have in it.¬†

Not that you should need any further inspiration, but in case you do the latest song from Taylor Swift, in collaboration with the family of Ronan Thompson, should leave no doubt that you have to embrace the life you are living now and never let it go (there is a real tissue warning on this video).

Let’s get down to business

I started my master’s program in Chicago ¬†this Monday (the same day I had ¬†planned on starting posts here, but real life is getting in the way already). By Tuesday they were having us provide creative/professional writing samples for our personal files. Now my BF and I watched Mulan my FAVORITE (okay top 3 for sure!) Disney movie this past weekend and so it was stuck in my head, in more detail than I should probably be comfortable¬†admitting. ¬†When prompted to describe our opinion on the ‘intersection between art and science as it applies to the field of speech language pathology’ my mind naturally jumped right into Mulan’s most epic musical number as the base for my piece.

Discipline. Strength. Art. Science. Totally the same thing right? Of course from there I went in to talk about the importance of evidence based practice and making informed decisions when it comes to treatment, but I think my introduction provided a firm view of how I approach my life and my therapy. If it isn’t personal and it isn’t fun, it probably isn’t worth doing. (Side note, I bet this writing sample¬†absolutely¬†cemented me as a clinician fit to work primarily with children in the eyes of my supervisor. And I am 100% okay with that).
That’s how I plan ¬†to approach this blog as well. I don’t want to be limited to writing a food blog or post after post of DIY tutorials because that isn’t how I live my life. Like me this is a space that is going to be multi-dimensional (okay maybe a little¬†eclectic), because at the end of the day I am doing this for fun.¬†
So welcome to my little slice of crazy, thoughts and comments are optional (though welcome), Disney music is not ūüôā