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Slices of Life #5

Welcome back for another week of my particular brand of crazy. It’s Monday which means it’s time for another Slice of Life. Basically I share what I’ve been up to for the past week and link you to related posts from some all over the internet 🙂

Slices of Life


The Life

Slices of Life- the life

I officially survived starting both of my jobs last week (despite my neighbor “choking” me during my CPI training). I’ve got a great caseload of upper elementary students for the next 4 weeks of summer school and a pair of clients at my part-time ABA gig. I had to generate my own therapy schedule for the first time ever which took a lot longer than it probably should have but it’ll get easier with time. I also took advantage of having a weekend to finally plant some herbs (just mint and basil in pots for this year) and catch up on some recipe photographing. For reading this week I found:

Inspiration to take it easy and enjoy the little moments from Lindsay at Cotter Crunch.

The Naked Face Project from Healthy Tipping Point. I’ve been working to streamline my personal routine and move into “greener” more natural beauty products and this project definitely takes care of that!

An interesting read from Greatist on the rising prevalence of autoimmune disease in 20 somethings (too bad Celiac didn’t make the list… guess I’m not as trendy as I used to be 😉 )

A defense of oil pulling from Wellness Mamma, who introduced me to the idea in the first place. It’s still a part of my weekly routine and I really do feel as though I’ve seen improvements.

A seemingly fair review of my old favorite grocery store Trade Joe’s from Savvy Sugar that looks at their discounts from both sides of the aisle. Either way the closest TJ’s is now almost 40 minutes away so I won’t be shopping there any time soon 😦

The Eats

Slices of Life- The Eats I am still swimming in salads from my first round of CSA produce (though I’m not gonna lie I’m excited for round 2 this week!) I had salad for lunch almost every day and I’ve still got enough for a few more this week. I finally cut into my kohlrabi and decided it’s one of my new favorite veggies, I sliced it super thin and used it to make a variation on my Kale Slaw.  Aside from salad it’s been lots of beans and rice, eggs, lentil tacos, and lots of pesto. Other great eats I found include:

Drool worthy Seafood dip from Peas and Crayons that BF is trying to bribe me into making ASAP.

Some great tips on loving you leftovers from Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets.

A Buzzfeed Sangria roundup that could keep me and my friends buzzed all summer long. *side note find local friends ASAP so I have an excuse to make sangria* 

A fun new contest with a hefty prize from Bobs Red Mill (the maker of my beloved GF oats).

The Exercise

Slices of Life- The Workouts

Exercise this week has dwindled significantly in terms of running. I think the change up in surfaces by my new place (gravel, mulch and grass) and the increases in mileage I’d been trying to build all added up and left me with one very sore hip. Despite all the stretching and foam rolling my PT bestie suggested I still can’t go more than a mile without things feeling funky. Since both of my jobs are active I’m officially on a running rest until everything feels 100%. That doesn’t mean I’ll be taking it easy though! I’m looking at plenty of yoga, HIIT workouts with minimal jumping, and slow hikes on the trails until I’m back to normal. I’m not sure yet how this will impact my plans to run a half-marathon with the BF this fall, but I’ll be sure to keep you all posted. No fitness links this week, just a reminder to listen to your body 🙂

Who’s got a recommendation for low impact at home workouts? Anyone want to come over for a sangria party?

Cara Box: May 2013, From Seattle with love

I had the pleasure this month of participating in my first ever Cara Box exchange, courtesy of Kaitlyn over at Wiffesionals. I have to say this girl is a genius, not only did I get to meet two wonderful ladies (Alycia and Kristen) but you get presents! Seriously how awesome is that.

Cara Box

This month I sent a box to Kristen at The very Unofficial Adult, and I received a box from Alycia part of the team behind Cup of Ting. Lucky for me the theme was regional and Alycia just happens to be from Seattle (i.e. my favorite place EVER!)
(how lucky am I?)
She filled my box with all natural body products (which smell like a dream). A deliciously fresh tea, and the cutest Seattle themed mug to go with it! An assortment of GF goodies, a Washington state sticker, a roll on headache treatment, and a wonderfully sweet note 🙂
Seriously you’d think we’ve been friends for ages that’s how well Alycia put together this box!
I’m already looking forward to joining up with 2 new blogging friends for the exchange next month. 
If you could live anywhere in the U.S. where would you choose to go?

Week in review #1: Caco nibs and MRI’s

Hey guys! It sure has been one heck of a week around here… between the weather, the headaches (or lack there of!), classes, and some general family drama there’s a lot to sum up.

This week started my anti-inflammatory/clean eating/ crash course in veganism diet. In attempt to clear up my migraines without a daily medication I chose instead to medicate myself with fresh, wholesome foods. It was a bit of an adjustment the first few days, and I definitely overbought on spinach for the week, but so far I have been feeling amazing! I’ve had a major reduction in headaches and a major increase in energy 🙂 I get my MRI/MRA test this afternoon to make sure that everything looks okay up in my brain (fingers crossed) and then I’ll go from there as far as letting you know what changes I decide to make permanent.

So far this week we had some beautiful sun, a flood, and now snow… clearly the weather in my area has been a little out of whack, which would usually make my allergies crazy! But so far this season I haven’t even had a sniffle. In my mind it’s all thanks to my daily use of my neti pot, along with a daily dose of magic from Good Food Matters. Seriously I’m usually a stuffy, snotty mess this time of year, but this time around I haven’t even touched my tissues 🙂

I finally got the rest of my supplies in the mail and was able to spend some time yesterday making my first ever lotions bar!! I only made one to start so I could try it out and make adjustments as necessary… keep your eyes peeled for the post next week 🙂

I also may have hit up the health food store for a few more natural goodies since my new eating patterns have been going so well (thank goodness I’ve been working a lot!). Ginger candy, caco nibs, local honey, and lots of almonds… I’ll keep you posted on what kind of kitchen trouble I get into over the weekend 🙂

Also I finished (and hit submit) on the 12 page research paper that has been hanging over my head all semester. There are officially 8 therapy session, 4 conferences, 2 finals, and a take home exam separating me from completing my second semester of graduate school!!! Not that I get a break for the summer or anything…but still I’m almost halfway there, if you had told me that this time last year I would have called you crazy… It’s amazing how things change. 
I’m off to get some pretty pictures taken of my head 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on what they find (hopefully nothing scary)! But for now have a wonderful weekend 🙂
What’s the best thing that has happened to you this week?