Spill it Sunday: The Breakfast edition

I know, I know I’ve been MIA these last few Sunday’s (heck I was MIA all last week!) What can I say the last few weeks of school are getting me down simply because they keep dragging on. Give me 2 weeks and I’ll be a graduate with a month long vacation before starting my real job… until then I can’t promise to stop being sporadic in my posting, but I can promise to try.

But I didn’t come here today to talk about me…

2014-04-22 17.20.35

okay maybe a little bit, it is Selfie Spill it Sunday after all. But I really came here to talk about breakfast. 1st Breakfast, 2nd Breakfast, Brinner, Brunch I could eat breakfast foods all day everyday and be a  happy happy girl. Since Arman was featuring my favorite meal today I had to make sure I stopped by for the party.

1. What is your classic go to breakfast of choice? On a daily basis I like smoothies, well buttered toast, or granola depending on how early I wake up and/or how cold it is outside (I’m always cold so smoothies in the winter aren’t my thing). The one constant at my breakfast every day is a mug of tea... that’s actually a constant in my life but I always make my first cup at breakfast.

2014-04-13 07.52.33

2. Favourite sweet style breakfast? I love waffles, pancakes, piles of fruit (mmm or waffles/pancakes topped with piles of fruit). I’ve been making waffles like crazy since I bought my waffle maker a few weeks ago, I’ll get to photos so I can share the recipe soon 🙂

2014-04-14 10.52.01

3. Favourite savoury style breakfast? Omelettes!! I practically lived off the DIY omelette bar for college breakfasts and the love is still going strong. Eggs stuffed with veggies and cheese are also one of the things BF and I agree on for breakfast, and one of the few things he knows how to make for breakfast and I never turn down a chance to have someone else cook for me.

2014-03-25 09.49.13-2

4. Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten? Post Easter last weekend I woke up and had a breakfast of ham, green beans, and a baked potato. I’ve had ham as part of a breakfast, I love potatoes as part of a breakfast. But eating them without doctoring, with a side of green beans and shallots was a new experience for me, and I surprised myself with how much I liked it.

5. Do you have a typical breakfast routine? Wake up, turn the kettle on, get ready for work. Once the kettle boils how much time I have left before running out the door will depend on if I throw things in a blender for a quick breakfast (~2min) throw toast in the toaster for a carb-o-licious breakfast (~4 min) or pour myself a bowl of granola and/or a cereal mess and actually sit and eat my breakfast (~10 min).

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to enjoy another mug of tea and some granola 🙂


10 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday: The Breakfast edition

  1. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    So I’m guessing today you had at least a good 10 minutes huh?

    The beauty of waffle makers around the world is the different shapes they produce…Yours looks awesome! Mine is so generic! And potatoes for breakfast. It’s a must.

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    So nice to see you back again and with my favorite meal of the day. BREAKFAST! Who doesn’t love breakfast. For real, it’s a culinary delight. It’s also super easy and delicious. Winner! Winner. Breakfast for dinner.

  3. backpackbee

    My routine is that I MUST eat breakfast every single morning. It’s typically greek yogurt with honey and fruit, peanut butter puffins, a smoothie or egg sandwich. YUM!

      1. sarahpie13 Post author

        Oh are they ever peanut butter (it’s like grownup Peanut Butter Captain Crunch), that cinnamon/PB combo sounds amazing though!

  4. Madison @ Eating for Balance

    I’m excited to hear more about these waffles! 😀 We need a new waffle maker as ours is literally being held together by a pencil where the back rod is supposed to be. Lol. How big is yours? We have a belgian and are looking to probably get another of the same kind.

    Enjoy that tea, granola, and have a great day Sarah!

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      Thanks Madison 🙂 I just got a little one from cusineart, I usually only fill it half full because then the waffles are small enough to reheat in the toaster later in the week!


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