Slices of Life #2

I’m officially 15 hours away from my requirement for graduation. I’m in the midst of preparing for my oral exam next Monday. I pick up my cap and gown this Thursday. Can you tell I’m ready to be done with school?

Buuuuttt I still have about a month left until then and with things winding down that means I’ve been spending lots of my free time on the internet which means I have some link love to share with you all.


Yoga for better sleep- because earlier shifts at my medical placement have left me with a need to adjust my sleep schedule, and a little relaxation before bed is never a bad thing.

Spending Fast- I already said BF and I are going to be on a tight budget in the coming year and I meant it. I’ve been slowly researching tips and plans for success and this was one of the best I found.

5 ways to improve your morning- I used to be such a morning person, I don’t know when that changed but I’m trying to get back into it.

Lemon Blueberry Granola- I’ve been excited to make this for months and I still keep forgetting to buy the lemons! Meghan this is on the books soon!

Autism Acceptance- I believe that acceptance starts with awareness which is why I Light it up Blue each April as well as working to serve students on the spectrum all year. That being said the author makes an excellent point about how difficult reaching that acceptance can be and provides a valuable lesson to us all.

The 40 Hanger closet- For organizing and cleaning out my closet before moving.

Yogatic- the video may be labeled for new parents but the stress relieving moves have been great for me too.

Healthy Habits- I’m still working on a healthy routine and some of these tips are good.

Want to see more of the ideas I’m collecting? Be sure to stop by Pinterest where I organize all my ideas.


2 thoughts on “Slices of Life #2

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    15 hours away…Holy crap, how did I get so behind. Well this means you are officially done with your requirements. Congratulations!! Maybe you’ve even had the oral exam. If not, good luck!
    I love the links, especially that fabulous looking granola (crack, am I right?). Good luck with the budgeting. Don’t forget to budget in a little fun and an occasional meal out. I went budget crazy when the Hubby first went back to school, and it made me miserable. Don’t fall victim to that same trap.

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      Well I did put some good stuff in there, including my CSA share this summer!!

      Thanks for the cheering on and the congratulations, trust me the time is flying just as fast over here.


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