Spill it Sunday: His and Her’s sweet and savory

Hey guys! Long time no see, and we’ll touch more on that in tomorrow’s Week in Review, but I wanted to check in quickly today because I haven’t linked up with Arman in what feels like forever!! And since it’s were talking about food this week (and everyone loves food) I pulled the BF in to help me answer some questions.

2014-04-05 17.29.41

You know what else everyone loves? Selfies 

1. What is your absolute favourite strictly ‘sweet’ food? This is a hard one for me (I have a hard time picking a favorite anything!) I’m going to have to go with caramel. Oooey gooey caramel sauce on ice cream, in chocolates, on spoons… you get the idea. I’m really not a sweets guy, but I do like cheesecake once in a while. 

2. What is your absolute favourite strictly ‘savoury’ food? Cheese!! I know you can get sweet with cheese sometimes, but I tend to go savory with it so it wins this category. Spaghetti and meatballs! Especially my families recipe. 

3. Best ‘Sweet and Savoury’ combination? Sticking with my favorites above I could say Chicago Style popcorn. This may not be the best in the world but I’ve been enjoying it recently.  Salty, cheesy, caramely, goodness for the win. Does two different foods at one meal count? I’m saying breakfast combos like an omelette and pancakes. <— we do that a lot when we have weekends off together

 2014-03-25 09.49.13-2

4.  Favourite sweet recipe? Waaaayy too many to choose from! I’m actually going to go with my Cranberry Almond Biscotti because I was just thinking of making a batch this weekend…. I didn’t, but I get points for wishful thinking right?


5.  Favourite savoury recipe? I’ve been playing around with a GF meat free version of these scones and while I haven’t perfected mine yet, I’m convinced it will be the perfect savory food when I do.


7. The big question…which one wins. Sweet OR Savoury? With the exception of granola I’m a savory girl at heart, though sweet and salty will always be the best combination of foods in my book. I already said I’m not a sweets person so for me savory wins hands down.

Ever had Chicago style popcorn? Do you agree that sweet and salty is the best combination of foods ever?!


7 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday: His and Her’s sweet and savory

  1. ranchcookie

    I haven’t tried Chicago style popcorn but I keep hearing so much about sweet and savory popcorn, it is about time I do 🙂

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      You mean to tell me Australia doesn’t have it’s own style of popcorn? Lame! I’ll have to give those scones of your mom’s a try because they sound amazing.

      And of course I brought my duckface back, just for you 😉


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