WIR #44: The Awesome edition

Can I just say the best thing about my new placement is my supervisor. You all know I was skeptical heading into my medical placement (I knew with 99.999% accuracy this isn’t the setting for me and I was right) but I was determined to make the best of it and end my clinicals on a good note. The woman I get to work with has made that incredibly easy, and she’s actually gotten me to like some aspects of this setting.  Who knew swallow evaluations and cognition therapy could be kind of cool.

It feels weird thinking about this as my last clinical placement… two years ago at this time I was dreading graduation because I had yet to be accepted into any masters programs and had only been placed on one waitlist. Fast forward to today where I’m 7 weeks (who’s counting?) from graduation and the first one in my class with an offer of full time employment!

That’s right, my first interview from a few weeks ago panned out earlier than I thought and this girl is officially eligible for employment. I haven’t been able to accept yet since the district is on spring break but give me a week and I’ll have a big girl job all my own! I’m going to love the opportunity to work for a Special Education district (I miss those kiddos) and I know I’m going to love that it’s right up by BF! Can I start the apartment hunt now? 

Way to drop all the good news in the intro of the post huh? Hopefully you’re still with me because I have more awesomeness to recap list-style:


Don’t believe me, swing by Meghan’s and see how awesome all this listing is.

Bf got to cash in on his birthday gift with a trip to the Shedd Aquarium where we got to tour all of the exhibits and play with a penguin. I know, best girlfriend ever right here 😉

2014-03-23 19.45.35

His name was Stanley and he was pretty playful, and very slippery feeling.

I worked 5 days at my medical placement and a day of double ABA sessions (lucky me I get to cap it off with a long “weekend” because my supervisor is going on vacation).

I didn’t workout much at all… later days made it hard to come home and workout after work so my goal this week is to try and switch to morning workouts, or settle in on some kind of combination.

Prepped some weekly goodies including granola bars to share with the BF, energy bites for work (spending my day feeding others hasn’t done much for my appetite), and cranberry kombucha is on its second ferment based on a recommendation from the lovely Lindsay Cotter .

I also finally picked up my ingredients for this month’s Chopped Kitchen Challenge… nothing like waiting until the last minute for your own link up.

2014-03-23 16.44.44

Annnndd since no list complete without a sub-list and I’m soon to join the ranks of some of my favorite educators (did I mention I got a job? In a school district?) I figured I could share the “list your favorite teachers” page from my listography book.

  • Mrs. Schneider, 5th grade (she also supervised me when I student taught in high school)
  • Mr. Linders, 10th grade. The teacher who made me fall in love with math
  • Mr. Chochole, 10th grade. Because anyone who can quote Disney movies while discussing US history is a hero in my books.
  • Mr. Spitler, 12th grade. He let us make a movie for our final English “paper” and I still have a copy of the DVD.
  • Dr. Hadley, Junior year undergrad. She was my first professor in my new major and ended up writing me a letter of recommendation. She went above and beyond to welcome me to the program.
  • Dr. DeThorne, senior year undergrad. She sparked my interest in working with kiddos with autism and I’ve never looked back.

Who was your favorite teacher, and what did they teach you? Are you planning to link up for this Thursday’s party? (the correct answer is yes!) 


6 thoughts on “WIR #44: The Awesome edition

  1. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Congrats on the offer- does this mean your eligible for work or you have been offered a job? Either way, big props to you. I need to start being appreciative of my working environment and being in a rotation I dislike!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    Hip Hip Hooray!! There is so much goodness in this post, and I’m sp happy to hear you scored an actual working gig. You will be a slave to the system, much like me, and I bet you’ll love it.
    Such great news, and you got to pet a penguin, all in the same week…um yeah, that’s awesome. It’s not every week you can say that.

    I will be linking up this week, but most likely on Friday because I haven’t written the post yet, and I need to take tonight off.

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      I’ve been waiting for your artichoke amazingness, so whenever 🙂 I still think you’re going to win hands down this month… keep it up and I might have to get you a prize!

      And thank you, I’m definitely excited to be almost done with school and moving forward with life!


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