Fitness Check-in: Is it spring yet?

Today is my last day at my school placement and I’m bummed how much I’m going to miss my kids. I know I should be excited to move into my next placement because it means I’m that much closer to graduation, but I’m not ready to swap kids for adults.

One thing I am ready for though is spring to actually show up. Can I just say the swing from 50* to snowing this week really threw me for a loop. I swear one day I was breaking out  the shorts for an outdoor run and the next I had to pull out my snow boots.

Needless to say I’m keeping fully indoor workouts on my calendar for at least a while longer. Which is actually fine by me because I’ve really been enjoying the tension relief I’ve been getting from all the extra time on my yoga mat.

I’ve been enjoying it so much in fact that I decided to join with the Give it 100 project and practice (at least a little bit) everyday for the next 100 days. In the past yoga has done great things for my flexibility and stress, and right now it seems to be helping with my overall headache management.

2014-03-03 16.59.59

(hopefully no one minds me practicing in my messy room)

I’m hoping by integrating it in with my fitness routine I can continue to develop and tone my muscles while working towards a specific goal, which always keeps me more accountable. Plus a little flexibility never hurt anyone right? 😉

Do you practice yoga? How do you keep yourself motivated to workout?


5 thoughts on “Fitness Check-in: Is it spring yet?

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      I use a great free youtube channel called Eckhart Yoga, I try not to do anything too crazy so I don’t hurt myself but I’ve been using it in place of classes since starting grad school.


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