WIR #41: The Great Spring Cleanout

Good morning! I’m starting this week with a new attitude and I’m hoping I can carry this motivation through to accomplish all I have planned. And what better way to keep that motivation up than by celebrating everything I accomplished this weekend πŸ™‚

2014-02-22 21.20.20-2

And what better way to do that than to link up with Meghan the lister of all listers (and the one who sent me that lovely card).

The list above was developed after I decided that I wasn’t going to work on my portfolio this weekend… I decided to do just about everything else under the sun instead (at least I’m a productive procrastinator?). I’ll get to that portfolio eventually right…

Before I even got there I decided to deep clean my whole room. I got rid of piles of notes, sorted out old clothes to donate, and even set myself up with a fancy new “desk” space to work at.

springclean_beforeToo bad I couldn’t keep my aunts puppy on my bed.

springclean_afterMoving my dresser into my closet makes it a little tight on hanging things (which is part of the reason I decided to weed my clothes out) but I was able to use the wall space to add an old coffee table which is now serving as my desk.


Beyond cleaning my room I also (finally!) cleaned out my car. I’ve been driving around with broken glass in my backseat for a few weeks that I was more than happy to see gone.

BF was working strange hours this week so we actually got to go out for a few drinks on Friday night. I on the other hand worked my regular weekend hours at my ABA job and spent the Sunday hours I usually spend with him catching up on Netflix.

Anyone else watch House of Cards? Season 2 is crazy!

Other than that there was the usual cooking, cleaning, and photographing this weekend in preparation for the Chopped Kitchen Challenge this Thursday…

2014-02-23 08.39.21

mmmmm potatoes!

This week I’m working on keeping my workouts on track and trying to keep cleaning up my eats. I’m also making a goal of carving out some me time each evening to completely unplug (I’m not going to start meditating or anything but I’m going to enjoy the me time).

Β What are you looking to do for yourself this week?


4 thoughts on “WIR #41: The Great Spring Cleanout

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    Hey what’s wrong with meditation?! I keep adding that one to the list and still I struggle to accomplish it. I have been drinking lots more tea though.
    Doesn’t it feel wonderful to have a nice, clean and organized space. Nice job!! Give yourself two pats on the back because you totally deserve it.

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      It feels so so good to have my space in order (now I just have to keep it that way!). There’s nothing wrong with meditation except that I’m no good at it… I tend to doze off haha

  2. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    hello there. So I’m catching up since the bloglovin mishap but geebuz lady. Want to come clean my place up? I do it, get’s messy again and then let the frustration settle ha.

    Um… potatoes in patty pans? Hello.


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