Spill it Sunday: Musical Chat Roulette

Good morning everyone! Looks a little different around here, huh? You’ll have to be patient with me as I settle into my new home here at WordPress, but I’m hoping to have all the bugs worked out by the end of the week 🙂

This week Arman has us basically playing Chat Roulette   with our musical devices… so things could get interesting. Be sure to swing by The Big Man’s World to see what everyone else is listening to.


I always keep my phone loaded with music because the commute get’s pretty boring pretty fast without it. I actually just stocked up on a bunch of new CD’s at the library yesterday so I’ll be adding even more variety in the next few weeks.

If you only knew: Shinedown, The Sound of Madness

Shinedown has been in my collection since High School, it started when I heard a song I liked (What a Shame) in the background of a Harry Potter fan video… yeah yeah nerd alert…  and I’ve since had the chance to enjoy all of their albums since.

All I wanted: Paramore, Brand New Eyes

One of my childhood friends has been in love with Paramore for as long as I’ve known her (and for a while she had the bright red hair to match). We don’t talk much anymore, but she’ll occasionally send me links to their songs on Facebook.

Renegade: DAUGHTRY, Renegade 

We’re moving into guilty pleasure territory with this one. I remember watching Chris Daughtry on American Idol with my dad, and little high school me just loved him! I’ve since moved on from the man but I’m still a sucker for his music.

U +UR Hand: P!nk, I’m Not Dead

The title on this one is self-explanatory, no? P!nk is my go to when I need angry girl music, music for a girl’s night, or a good cry. Seriously her albums cover everything (and her athleticism is to die for).

I’ve been: Original Broadway Cast, Next to Normal

Seriously it’s my Iphone, you knew a musical was bound to come up 😉 This is one of the best songs from one of my favorite modern shows. Go check it out, I promise it’s a goodie!

And I suppose since it’s Sunday I should throw in a selfie for good measure, right? It’s a comfy morning before work with my glasses on and my mug of tea. I’m also wearing the BF’s shirt…


shh don’t tell him I stole it

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4 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday: Musical Chat Roulette

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      Would you really expect me to use anything less than a massive mug? P!nk is one of my all time favorites and she just keeps getting better. I agree that Paramore is kind of formulaic/monotone but at least it’s great to zone out too 😉

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    Love me some pink, and I’m digging the new header. Very streamlined, although you should know this post and your WIR post aren’t showing up in my BlogLovin feed for you. Not sure if it’s BlogLovin shenanigans or related to your switch, but wanted to let you know just in case.

    I’m wearing the Hubby’s shirt right now (under my sweatshirt of course), but it’s there.

    1. sarahpie13 Post author

      Shirt stealing for the win!

      It’s definitely some Bloglovin shenanigans related to the move but thank you for letting me know, I’m trying to get it fixed 🙂


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