Spill it Sunday: Booty shaking and pancake making

Good Morning everyone. Hope you all are enjoying a lazy sunday morning of mad monkeying, pancake making or however you choose to spend your weekends 🙂

Arman asked for our musical confessions for this week’s Spill it Sunday which brought my mind right to Usher…

Yeah… this post is going to be all over the place… consider yourself warned!

What is your all time favourite musical artist/band?
This is a terrible question because my taste in music is almost always dependant on my mood. I love love love P!nk, I could listen to John Mayer for hours, and I think everything by Helen Jane Long is beautiful. 

 What is your favourite genre of music?
As if my answer above wasn’t enough to clue you in I’m really indecisive when it comes to picking favorites (it’s like asking me to pick a favorite book!). That being said I think I have to go with musicals as my favorite genre. I spent some quality time with Idina Menzel while cleaning up my pancake mess in the kitchen yesterday, and I have to say the chance to belt showtunes around an empty kitchen was long overdue!

 I grew up on with Annie and Joseph, fell in love with Phantom of the Opera and Wicked in high school, and I’m still adding to my list of well loved shows that I will probably never see today… 

Spring Awakening is one such show!
 Which musician does NOT deserve that title?
I’d say Miley Cyrus is the winner here… but then again we live in a world where Rebecca Black exists so there’s that. 

Most embarrassing musical admissions/tastes 
I own every album of Taylor Swift’s… right next to all my Linkin Park which makes my most embarrassing admission the fact that I never know what’s going to come up next on my phone. Or I could just confess my absolute adoration of Daughtry… 

Now that I’ve given  you a musical buffet shout out below with one song you think I should add to my collection!

12 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday: Booty shaking and pancake making

  1. eating4balance

    If you like Taylor Swift, have you ever listened to the song Merry Go Round? The singer has a kind of similar voice and it's just so pretty.

    Wicked- I love the Popular song from that! And what's not to love about Phantom?! I've only seen the remake but loved the music.

  2. Sarah Pie

    Gotta have a little spice 😉

    Idina Menzel is the star from Wicked, she's also in the new kids movie Frozen which I may or may not have watched this weekend!


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