12 Days of Allergy Free Christmas- Snacks

Hi everyone! Today I’m joining the party over at Madison’s with my snacky contributions to our holiday eats. Between potlucks at work, cookie exchanges, and the like, snacks abound this time of year… and it can be hard to be the odd man out.

Those of us with food allergies all know how hard the holidays can be. You don’t want your boyfriends family to think you’re weird for not eating anything. You don’t want you grandma to feel bad when you pass on her famous pie. You don’t want to seem rude when explaining (again) that it actually is a big deal and no you don’t want “just a bite”. 

Especially for those of us who are gluten free (due to intolerance, celiac, or choice) since the GF “diet” is still trendy in the media, it can be hard to explain (again and again) that we aren’t doing this for fun.

The best defense to any good problem is a good offense, in this case that means bringing along your own holiday offering to share. That way YOU know you have something safe to eat (just remember to set aside a plate if cross-contamination looks like it will be an issue) and you get to show everyone that gluten free food can be delicious!

Below are some great looking snacks (some holiday and some just tasty) that are sure to turn heads at any party this year, and all of them are Gluten-Free! Many of these are safe for other allergies too (or could be with a simple switch like vegan mayo and soy cheeses in the hot corn dip).

Clockwise from top

Snowman veggie plate (you could use a dairy free dip)
Parmesan edamame (sub soy cheese or nutritional yeast for a dairy free alternative)
Veggie tree (use gluten free pretzels or carrot sticks, use soy cheese for a dairy free alternative)
Hot corn dip (use vegan mayo and soy cheese for a dairy free alternative)
Baked chips and “Fry” sauce  (The sauce would work with soy yogurt or vegan mayo)
And if those savory options aren’t quite what you’re looking for I’ve got an awesome new recipe for Candy Cane Popcorn that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
Buuuttt you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s Chopped Kitchen Challenge holiday party to get the details on that one J

12 thoughts on “12 Days of Allergy Free Christmas- Snacks

  1. Katherine

    I love the fruit and veggie snowman and Christmas tree! And yes, gluten free is the new black. It's odd how some people have gone gluten free because it's trendy!

  2. eating4balance

    NOO… Why do you make us suffer? Lol. That candy popcorn looks amazing!

    All of your statements in green/red… you hit the nail on the head. That's EXACTLY how I feel all of the time too. I literally just had one of my roommates trying to give me some food and it was just horrible to have to tell her no.

    While it is pretty annoying for GF to be a trend now, in a way I appreciate it too. Now, it does get annoying in the sense that people don't take you as seriously when you say you can't have certain things– they usually think it's more of a diet and than something you actually have to do for serious health reasons. But, also, the popularity of GF has opened up so many new doors and created so many new products that I can't help but be at least a tiny bit grateful to those gf-trenders 🙂

    Thanks for joining in the fun. You found some awesome snacks and I love your suggestions for making them friendly for vegan folks as well.

  3. Sarah Pie

    Hahah I know I'm evil, right? It's certainly not a complaint because I love the variety I have now compared to 5 years ago when I was diagnosed and living off rice because I was too scared to eat anything else… but I'm glad you get what I mean 🙂

    Thanks again for hosting this was a ton of fun!


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