WIR #31: the hummus edition

It’s one of those weeks where I can’t promise I’m going to make it here every day… I know I say that a lot… I should probably adjust my expectations… but where’s the fun in that 🙂

Anywho… the to-do list is getting smaller, and that my friends is exciting! I have 2 presentations and 2 diagnostics separating me from a bunch of holiday fun, and those 4 things aren’t even as bad as they sound! Don’t mind the fact that I brought my coffee mug to the clinic with me, it’s been a long Monday. 
Considering my eats last week contained 2 full containers of hummus…. lets just say I’ll be happy for the semester to be over for the sake of my waistline alone. What can I say stress eating has always been my forte. 
In the same vein last weeks craziness made it a little rough to get any “real” exercise. Though I took a few 1/2 hour walks and did a bit of yoga, so I guess the week wasn’t a complete loss. 
My own life may have been a sad mess of reports and hummus, but my bestie had some fabulous news to share 🙂 

I’m super bummed that she is still all the way in Buffalo so I won’t see her until after Christmas, but can’t wait to celebrate the good news in person. Plus her boy did an amazing job on the ring 😉

Not as an impressive of a list as the one Meghan accomplished, but I’m pretty proud of myself. I also can’t wait for next week when I’ll officially be done with my last semester on campus as a grad student!


8 thoughts on “WIR #31: the hummus edition

  1. Frances Stiles

    I can't help but want to read something titled the Hummus Edition!! I'm on my way out grocery shopping and you remind me that I meant to put hummus on the list. Thanks and have a Great Day, Sarah!! Glad your To Do is getting shorter…mine is growing…Yikes!!


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