WIR #30: Christmas gifts and healthy goals

Hey guys! Everything was a little off around here last week due to the holiday, but I enjoyed the extra time with friends and family and hope you did to. This kicks off my last crazy week of the semester (and pretty much ever in terms of school) so let’s get listing all there is to do  this week (and all that got done last week!)

I checked my first goal off my 25 by 25 last week by running the local Turkey Trot with my brother on Thanksgiving. Well not really with him… he finished a good 8 minutes ahead of me… but hey I ran the whole time too! 

I also did 100 burpees yesterday for the #elf4health challenge… that was a first for me. 

I worked an odd schedule of hours at job #2 and spent some time yesterday prepping craft supplies for the Christmas party at job #1 later in the week. 

We hosted half of my mom’s family for a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration.

Best part of hosting is leftovers for days… including half a pan of my favorite apple cranberry crunch all to myself 🙂

And cranberry sauce to top pancakes as I continued to teach BF how to make them over the weekend!

Speaking of the Bf we also spent some time hanging out with his family on Friday AND he took me to see Catching Fire (which is the first movie EVER that I’ve thought was better than the book).

I helped decorate our Christmas tree and wrapped all my presents, because I’m on top of things like that.

This week I have my last day at my clinical site, conferences with my clients on campus, a demonstration on vocal hygiene (to go with the paper that I’m totally done writing…), half a dozen meetings, and written comprehensive exams on Friday. We’re also having problems with our router again… so if I seem a little quiet this week let’s just blame it on lack of reliable internet access.

Do you like to get your Christmas shopping done early? 

10 thoughts on “WIR #30: Christmas gifts and healthy goals

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    You WERE busy, and I love that you've already started Christmas shopping. If I was buying gifts this year, I'd have started to. I'd also have a spreadsheet for all the presents purchased and those still needed. Yep, I'm neurotic. Speaking of, congrats on running the Turkey Trot in those frigid temps. I knew you'd finish. Good luck with this week; it sounds intense.

  2. Olivia @ Liv Lives Life

    Um. 100 burpees?? You're a beast!! I can hardly do 10!

    I felt the same way about Catching Fire! It was soooooo good. A million times better than the book, and really, the book wasn't too bad! I want to go see it again!

    Wow. I don't even have a single bit of Christmas shopping done. Good for you!

    Have a great week!


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