WIAW #28 Tea and Sunlight

Happy hump day! I’m enjoying a nice 2-week stretch where I don’t have to drive all the way down to school (45min to an hour each way) for one 25 minute therapy session. To say I’m enjoying the chance to skip out on traffic and save on gas would be an understatement. 
To say I’m also enjoying the chance to take some photo’s in the daylight would also be an understatement. Every week on Wednesday (and any other day people happen to post recipes) I look on everyone’s beautiful pictures and hope for the day I can take some of my own. Our lovely host Jenn in particular always seems to have amazing photos, and she has a baby to deal with! 

One of my biggest goals for the blog this year is to work on the quality of my photos, and sunlight makes all the difference in pretty food. So this WIAW is fueled by tea and sunlight (because everyone deserves tea). 

(Side note I totally want this mug!)

Breakfast this week has been homemade pumpkin flax granola with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It was a super simple, thrown together, recipe that I’m kind of addicted to. It’s chewy, and spicy, and oh so pumpkin-iny. Of course there was a mug of tea on the side 🙂 

This pasta-less (at least in my serving) pasta e fagioli soup makes an easy take and go lunch for busy days and is perfect for warming up my cold hands after a run on my day off.  Not pictured is the giant glass of water and two other mugs of tea I sipped on while finishing my happiness paper in the afternoon (note to professors, having your students write a paper on what they are doing to promote happiness… not the best way to encourage said happiness). 

After an afternoon of tutoring geometry (my least favorite of High School maths) I was happy to come home  to find my dad making tomato soup in the kitchen. Sadly I was out of bread, but I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying a grilled cheese with my tomato soup (though I guess technically it’s a quesadilla, right?!)

Sad fact is the picture doesn’t look nearly as nice lit by only overhead lights… unfortunately I was unwilling to delay my dinner until tomorrow morning for the sake of a good shot. 
I wrapped up the evening with more Yogi ginger tea and my new chamomile bubble bath from the BF. A pot of tea, a bubbly tub, and a new book is an almost perfect way to spend the evening (at least in my mind). I snuck downstairs later for another slice of my cranberry citrus pound cake from Sweet Ali’s bakery… but  didn’t feel like staging a photo shoot in the bathroom (sorry guys!). 
What’s your trick for shooting photos when the winter light leaves something to be desired? Are you planning on linking up to the chopped kitchen challenge tomorrow? (If you aren’t you totally should be!)


12 thoughts on “WIAW #28 Tea and Sunlight

  1. eating4balance

    No tricks for shooting photos in the winter. I will still probably attempt to take them outside if there isn't any snow on the ground. I'll just bundle up real tight. Haha. I've seen some fancy setups though from the likes of Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli so she might have some suggestions for you!

    Sounds like a great two weeks. Think I can manage to swing that too? Haha. Just kidding. My time will come in about 5 weeks for Christmas break!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    Dads that cook homemade tomato soup kind of rock, and by kind of I mean totally. How nice to be able to come to that. And homemade pumpkin flax granola…is that what I was noshing on too? For some reason, I could have sworn there were apples in there.
    As far as the photo's go, I really only try to photograph on weekends anymore when the light is right. I do need to make a light box though since they're supposed to be a great way to photograph food in poor lighting. Here's the tutorial I've been holding onto for the day I actually do it. http://www.neverhomemaker.com/2010/11/how-to-build-light-box-photography.html

  3. Sarah Pie

    You had some apple butter almond granola, I didn't want to send you 2 pumpkin-y treats and make your head explode 🙂 So you we're on track with the apples.

    I'll have to check out the tutorial! Thanks for sharing


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