30 Days of Fitness: November 2013 (it’s go time!)

TGIF! We are still in the middle of an unpacking craze over here, and I for one know I am ready for some quality time relaxing with the BF over the weekend. But before we get there I have a winner to announce. Using the very official method of yelling “hey dad pick a number between 1 and 5” I was able to randomly select Madison as the winner of the Step it Up with Steph giveaway. Send me your email and I’ll hook you up 🙂

On trend with my inability to make a long term commitment (previously mentioned BF notwithstanding) I’m switching up my fitness for the month of November. I’m running my first 5k at the end of the month, so a large part of my time should be dedicated to running right? This month I am committing to:

1. Clocking 6-9 miles of running a week (I hate running on the track at school so this will be easier said than done, but I’m working on it).

2. 5 minute fitness every morning. This is me taking 5 minutes to do 5 exercises/stretches of my choice (easy things like sit ups, planks, and sun salutations).

3. Group fitness and/or lifting with friends every Monday. I have a long stretch of hours to kill on campus between my morning clinicals and my night class so Monday is my day to be a gym rat. Thankfully the group fitness classes at school aren’t half bad for being free.

My little brother just signed up to run the same 5k as me so I really have to work on my speed training these next few weeks (can’t have the baby showing me up!).

Most people see the colder months as a time to start hibernating, but I know you all are more exciting than that… What is your commitment to your fitness this month? I’ll cheer you on if you cheer for me! 


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