30 Days of Fitness: October in review and a Giveaway!

TGIF! I don’t know if this week could have gotten any crazier. Between my supervisor visit at my clinical site and my parents signing on the house yesterday (which means we’ve been starting  to slowly move stuff) it’s been a crazy few days. I wish the weekend was going to be a little less hectic, but at least it will be nice when we are all moved in. 
Despite the craziness I’m happy to be wrapping up my first month of real exercise commitment! This month I had the opportunity to try out the 30 Day’s to Love your Body and the 30 Day Jumpstart Program from Step it up with Steph. (disclaimer I was offered the chance to try these products free of charge in exchange for a review)
Singing on for a guided 30 day program is very different from anything I have EVER done for my health before. I’ve picked up books similar to this plenty of times but I never actually do more than flip through them. Steph made the whole program very user friendly with the downloadable workbooks (which would be easy to print and work in)  and the no nonsense advice contained in her guides. 
I’ve never been one to combine the “touchy-feely” aspect of fitness with the overall diet and exercise aspect (perhaps because I’ve been fortunate enough to never really have disordered eating patterns) so I have to admit to being put off by some of the goal setting and affirmation work contained in the workbook. That was the component of the program that I struggled with the most, and I will admit to combining several days of the Love your Body workbook and affirmations into a single sitting (partly due to time constraints) which I don’t think impacted my benefits, but I may have been better off to truly make that workbook a priority each day. 
I liked the basic at home exercises that were outlined in the guide (perfect for the home gym rat like myself) and I like that she provided general guidelines for fitness that you could build your preferences around (this allowed me to still go on my runs and enjoy my group fitness classes at school). 
The recommendations for diet were very basic, and while they were good I don’t admit to fully following them. I don’t eat protein at every meal/snack, I’ve never felt unsatisfied, never had an issue with crazy snackage throughout the day (PMS cravings for chip dip aside) and frankly prefer to stock on on my fruits and veggies at snack time. The calender to break down/record your eats does seem like it would be helpful for someone truly looking to lose weight though (and I LOVED the reminders to keep my water intake up!). 
The bonus videos, recorded mantras, and calls that come with the program were a nice bonus that I wasn’t expecting and they definitely gave the whole experience a more personal feel. Overall I thought this was a great starter program. It was well designed and supported for those looking to Jumpstart a weight loss, and flexible enough for those just looking to build commitment and consistency into their current active lifestyle. 
But don’t just take my word for it… Steph was kind enough to let me give away a program to one of you! Comment below with one of your fitness goals for a chance to win!
Want more chances to win? You can follow me on Instagram and look for Steph (@stepitupwithsteph) to follow her too! (leave one comment for each of these so you increase your chances). 
(I’ll draw the winner via random number generator NEXT Friday) 

10 thoughts on “30 Days of Fitness: October in review and a Giveaway!

  1. brainbodybecause

    Oh, how wonderful! This sounds like a really great program and that it has been a great experience for you. I like the reminder to keep drinking water, too 🙂

    One of my current fitness goals is to really focus on my yoga practice. I have been nursing a small injury lately, which has kept me off of my mat, but I'm really looking forward to be up and running again soon 🙂


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