WIAW #26: The photo dump (with a tease) edition

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m keeping things short and simple this week 1) because I don’t have that many photos to share and 2) because I have fun things planned for this morning (more on that below)

Like all other Wednesday’s be sure to stop by the party at Jenn’s 
(she’s the queen of all things veggie and her chickpea has the cutest smile, no joke!)
After recovering from all the headache craziness last week I’ve been trying to keep things a little cleaner. While I don’t cut sugar out of my diet on a regular basis when my system goes into overload a little cutting back never seems to hurt. Adding in extra fruits and veggies is good to.
Especially bananas of the public variety

And apple cranberry crunch (2 fruits in one!)

And more apples mixed with apple butter and EXTRA cinnamon. 

Veggies were found in (and under!) Tzatziki sauce.
(we put this on roasted veggie wraps that I may have been too hungry to photograph…)
Tostada Tuesday with extra veggie fixings!

Now the other reason I’m keeping it short and sweet this morning… if you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should be doing, because you love me) you’ll be getting updates all morning of my adventures in the kitchen. I actually set aside a few hours before class to just enjoy myself and see what comes of it, things could get crazy!

 Remember that Chopped Kitchen Challenge to use all the flavors of fall this month? Well I’m getting a head start on my cooking so I can actually share some recipes this time (I know, shocker right?) which means you can get a teaser of all the tastiness I’m dreaming up (as long as you promise to come back at the end of the month to share your own, deal?)


8 thoughts on “WIAW #26: The photo dump (with a tease) edition

  1. eating4balance

    The photographs are looking great Sarah! I love all of the public bananas. Meghan will go gaga over this post 🙂

    The apple cranberry crunch sounds fantastic. And pancakes— gotta have the stack! 🙂

    Glad your headache is gone and you're feeling better.

  2. Alex@veggginout

    All your meals look soooo yummy! Especially the Tzatziki… I think I ate at least a cup of that stuff everyday when I was in Greece several years ago! That and feta cheese pretty much described my diet… not that I'm complaining – two of my favorite foods right there, and two things that Greece knows how to do well!
    Enjoy your time to yourself!!! You deserve a break. 🙂

  3. Sarah Pie

    Thanks (for the photos and the well wishes!) My pancakes don't yet rival yours (in my head you're the pancake queen) but I can make up for it with an excess of toppings, right?!


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