WIR #21 The quick and dirty

You know right where your mind went when you read that title (and if you’re saying you don’t then you’re lying!)

While I did (FINALLY) get to spend some time hanging out with the BF this weekend (make of that what you will) I’m referring to a quick and dirty of a totally different kind.

That’s right I’m talking about lists. 
And judging from the state of this week’s to-do list I hope you can forgive me for keeping today’s post short (side note if anyone want’s to send me legal notepads in large quantities for my birthday next month I’ll love you forever!)
And if you haven’t figured out how awesome it is to list out your accomplishments for the week then you should go see Meghan so her mad-list skills can convince you (you should actually go visit her period because she’s awesome!) 
This week I studied for the Praxis (a lot!). 
The test is on October 18th which is coming up 
a lot faster than I would like to admit! 
Cookie dough and coffee are both excellent study aides! 
(Especially when you hit the wall of study burnout) 

This week I ran a total of 5.5 miles 
(not quite as many as I wanted but the foot was acting up) 

Those miles included this beautiful sunrise run!
I updated the bulletin board on my dresser. 
I use this as a daily pick me up, so I like to keep it filled with pretty things! 

It also has some of my favorite fitspiration!
Other things happened too like helping to take my class from my placement to the zoo (which was difficultly adorable), had some great sessions at job #2, got an exciting offer that I’ll be sharing with you all later in  the week and spent some time with BF after his first week as an official working adult. We ended up unintentionally crashing a high school reunion from the class of 1993 (I swear we were just at the bar for the band, it was listed as an open concert!) which gave us a great story, and gave me a great voice sample to bring into my disordered voices class (seriously the lead singer sounded like a chipmunk!) 
Have you ever ended up somewhere unintentionally? Did you stay or did you leave?


12 thoughts on “WIR #21 The quick and dirty

  1. eating4balance

    Cookie dough on a spoon? Was it homemade by chance? 🙂

    Great idea with the fitspiration board.

    Disordered voices class? This is the first that I think I've heard you mention that. Sounds interesting!


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