Ever have one of those days where you’re craving the junkiest of foods? Where your skin is  broken out like a teenagers, your feet hurt and life just seems blah? Those are the days I have a hard time pulling myself out of bed for a run in the morning, the days where I wonder if healthy eating is worth it (or if I should just go ahead and eat the whole container of pub cheese).

Those are the days when I need my fitspiration. 

I may not make the best of every day. I may not be as grateful as I should for all the blessings in my life, or as motivated as I should be to reach for my goals each day. But I get up each day. I drink my water, count my blessings and try to do some good. At the end of the day that that’s all you can hope for, right? To have done something, however small, to make the world better than when you woke up in the morning. 
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some running to do. 

8 thoughts on “Fitspiration

  1. Davida @TheHealthyMaven

    Ah fitspo! I definitely get the idea behind it but sometimes the messages they project are entirely false. I'm not into half-naked women holding a bar bell telling you to get your butt out of bed but inspirational quotes definitely help me when I'm lacking motivation!

  2. Katherine

    I really really needed this Sarah! Sometimes you need the kick in the butt to tell you to get up and do something! As they say, you're one workout away from a good move! Love this post! Thanks for inspiring me xx

  3. Alex@Veggin Out

    Ah yes we all have those days. Great job pushing through and not letting it bring you down! 🙂 And you're right – we just have to do the best we can each day and realize that that's all we can do. I need to work on practicing what I preach though…I often expect far more of myself than is possible. So this post is definitely inspirational to me!


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