WIR #19: The catch up edition

I’m back! (in a non-creepy poltergeist kind of way and more of a return to my regularly scheduled writing kind of way).  I’ve been taking more time for myself than usual the last few weeks as I get settled into school and my clinical practicum. I haven’t been taking time completely off from writing per say (lesson plans and some creative notes have made sure of that) but I haven’t been here as often as usual.

Which means this weeks WIR is a perfect time to catch you all up!
I’ve started my off campus placement at a school for autism in the area. I’m in a preschool classroom (though the kids age up to 8) with an amazing classroom staff and a supervisor I can already tell is going to teach me a lot. There may be some scheduling things that I don’t love about this semester but the experiences are going to be more than worth it. 
(I even got my own official ID badge)
I haven’t been as active as I would have liked since trying to settle into my new schedule but I did manage to get a few good runs in as it cooled off this week. I’ve also been keeping up with the #squatseptep  challenge from my favorite workout go-to Back On Pointe. 
I had a date night with my mom to go meet Susan Branch at a local bookstore. I may have been the youngest woman in the room by a decade (or 2!) but I loved her cookbooks growing up (she does beautiful watercolor illustrations) and my mom and I got a shout out on her blog for attending the signing. All in all it was a pretty fun night. 
The fundraising 5k run/walk for the clinic I work out of went off without a hitch on Sunday. It was cold and wet for sure but it was an excellent time and we had a great turnout!
Other than that it’s been pretty much business as usual. Classes and therapy and shopping at Trader Joes 🙂
Oh, and BF got a full time job offer (right like I forgot that)!!! We’ve got plans to go celebrate this week and I’ll get more details then, but he’s officially employed  in a position he sounds pretty excited about and I couldn’t be happier for him!

10 thoughts on “WIR #19: The catch up edition

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    1) I like the creepy Poltergeist intro even if you're against it.
    2) I'm a huge advocator for taking “me” time when you need it.
    3) Thanks for linking up to the WIR today.
    4) Congrats to the BF on scoring a job. Woo Hoo. Now you can go food shopping and spend his money. 😉


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