Chopped Kitchen Challenge #3

Is it Thursday already? That means I start classes in only 4 days… womp womp. 
On a brighter note it also means it’s time to reveal the mystery ingredients for the 
next round of the chopped kitchen challenge. 
If you’re looking for a refresher on the rules look no further than right here!
This week I want to see what you can dream up with the following:
Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar are two of my go to foods when my allergies are acting up 
(like they have been all week!) and strawberries are still everywhere around here,
 so I figured why not throw all 3 together and see what you crazies can come up with.

You’ve got a week to think about it before the link up goes live!
 And as always you’ll have a full week after that to get your post 
(or share your ideas with me to post) up on here 🙂 
Happy cooking! 

8 thoughts on “Chopped Kitchen Challenge #3

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