Chopped Kitchen Challenge #2

Hi guys! I apologize again for being so out of touch, I will be back on a normal schedule next Wednesday when we have orientation  for the new schools at work and I am finally done making materials! For now I’ve been working 12-15 hour days and killing more trees with our copier than I would care to think about. The BF finally moved home and he’s been dragging me out for the past few days to get me out the clinic but I’ll be back at work for the rest of the weekend so be patient with me (please?! Thanks!)

That being said you all had great feedback and recipe suggestions for the first round of ingredients so I  wanted to make sure I at least got the new ones out there 🙂 The rules are still posted here in case you need them. 
This week we’re cooking with tomatoes, cayenne pepper, and salad greens. 
You all know me my salad greens will probably be spinach, 
but feel free to use whatever you have in your fridge or CSA from the week 🙂 
The link for posting will open next Thursday 8/15 and stay open
 for you to share until the new ingredients go up on 8/23. 
Have a great weekend and happy cooking! See you next week!

9 thoughts on “Chopped Kitchen Challenge #2

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    That BF sounds like a winner. Try to get some relaxing time in as well; it's all about balance right…

    I like these ingredients. I may actually be able to work with them too. I pick up my CSA tonight so cross your fingers. 🙂


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