Why I cook

One of my biggest pet peeves as a student (or really a person in general) is someone complaining that they can’t eat healthy because they don’t have time to cook. I am surprised every day by people’s comments of “I don’t know how you do it?!” as if making a salad or a stir fry is some strange sort of magic.

I suppose in a way it is, but I think people seriously overestimate the time, effort, and skill required to make simple, healthful food. I stopped by the store on the way home from work today to pick up some fresh produce. Onion, red pepper, carrots, snap peas, edamame I was planning to eat the rainbow tonight (I had inherited some diced up broccoli from my aunt when I took over her house this week).
The onion cooked down while I chopped the rest of the veggies.Ā 
I added a little water to the pan so they would steam instead of fry (I like my veg to still have some bite to it).
While those steamed down I whipped up a quick peanut sauce. Crunchy natural peanut butter, soy sauce, sriracha, rice vinegar, some finely diced crystallized ginger, and enough water to hold it together.Ā 

Ā 15 minutes later it was chopped, cooked, plated and ready to eat. You can’t tell me that doesn’t look tasty. You can’t tell me that there is anything equally fresh and delicious that you could order from a restaurant or heat up in the microwave.

15 minutes. That’s it. Sure I like to spend more time in the kitchen making something more elaborate when I have the time, but I don’t need more than that to make something fabulous. People don’t believe me when I say you really don’t need more than that but I swear I’m telling the truth šŸ™‚

To have simple, healthful, food to fuel my body and my mind is why I cook. To eat delicious foods that I know I will love (and that will love my body) is why I cook. To know what is in my food, where it comes from and how it is prepared is why I cook. To show love to my family, friends, and BF is why I cook. The magic of transforming raw ingredients into whatever it is I want, to enjoy the beauty of what can be done with good food is why I cook.

Why do you cook?


12 thoughts on “Why I cook

  1. eating4balance

    I started cooking because I disliked the ingredients that I saw in what I was eating. Also, if I wanted a blueberry muffin, I wanted to be able to have one that was nutritious and I could eat whenever I wanted without feeling guilty. Everyone is like “It's okay to indluge!” which I totally agree with, but if I am able to make a safer, healthier version at home that is balanced enough to eat for a meal, why would I pick the more boring option?

    Your homemade peanut sauce looks super easy and good. 15 minute meal. Impressive. But you are right— even my parents complain that making a healthy meal takes too long, but really it doesn't! I've made a healthy meal in less than 5 minutes before. Not any longer than it takes to drive into a fast food joint or heat up a pizza in the microwave.

  2. Alex@Veggin' Out

    I cook simply because I enjoy it and love to eat a meal that I cooked with my own two hands! And when I make food myself, I can get so much more creative and tailor it to my taste buds. I love cooking for others too – probably more than cooking for myself! They always appreciate it so much šŸ™‚

  3. Jessie

    I cook for multiple reasons. I love how relaxing it can be, how you can become creative, how you know what's going into your meals. So many reasons ā¤

  4. Sarah Pie

    Gotta love 5 minute meals! And your point about safer, healthier, more nutritious alternatives is so true (especially for those of us with allergies/sensitivities!)

  5. Sarah Pie

    Cooking for others is the best! And I agree cooking gives you a chance to get those creative juices flowing and really try new flavors and foods.


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