Foodie PenPals: June 2013: Chocolate madness

Happy reveal day, for the Foodie Pen Pal blog exchange this month I was paired up with two new bloggers to exchange treats with. I sent a box to Elise (apparently the tortillas I sent didn’t survive the trip but I heard she had exciting plans for the rest of the treats).

This month I received a box from the super creative Crystal at The Angelorian Tradition.In a month full of crazy work weeks and ever changing schedules she must have known how much I was going to need some chocolate!

My box included some awesome rice crackers, lucky penny earrings, and chocolate covered pretzels, along with the following treats: 

Gluten free granola bars from Van’s, I had never seen these before but I am on the hunt for them now because they were amazing!
And a delicious chocolate bar (that my mom ate half of!). 
This box of chocolate covered goodies couldn’t have come in a better month, and I can’t thank Crystal enough for sending it my way. BF count is back to 7 days (he was going to come in for a surprise this weekend but that fell through, thank goodness I had all this chocolate to fall back on!). Sign up for next month is going on now over at Lindsay’s so if you want your own awesome box of foodie treats be sure to swing on by. 
Milk or dark chocolate? What’s your go-to comfort food for unexpected disappointments? 


8 thoughts on “Foodie PenPals: June 2013: Chocolate madness

  1. Jessie

    I'd say you made out pretty well! I've been wondering how those Van's bars were. Now I know! Thanks 🙂 Will have to keep my eyes out for them.

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Katherine

    Foodie Pen Pals is so much fun! I used to do a normal letter pen pal thing, and don't get me wrong, it was nice, but nothing can compare to a whole box of tasty treats! And don't worry about those 7 days until you see your bf! They'll fly by! 🙂

    Milk chocolate all the way (Apparently I've chosen the type of chocolate that tends to have zero health benefits)

    Comfort Food: Oh my, probably any dessert or soups.

  3. Sarah Pie

    Soups is a new one, but I agree they can be very comforting! I still send normal pen-pal letters to my BFF who's at school out in Buffalo, but these boxes full of goodies are so much fun!


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