Rainy day thoughts

I’m sitting outside on the balcony at our new place, watching a thunderstorm roll in while I write up my notes from class today.

(I promise there’s both thunder and lightening)

It’s nice because the space is covered so I can sit outside with my laptop even in the rain, which wouldn’t have been possible at our old house. But at the same time it’s a little weird.

We moved once when I was really little but I hardly remember that house. The house we moved out of this weekend, the one my parents are closing the contract on for good tonight was my home for 20 some years. My baby brother was born there. I graduated from high school and undergrad while living there. I was diagnosed with celiac while living there.

Good and bad the house has a lot of memories and it is kind of weird to see it go. But I think it will be good for another young family to have a chance to make their home. I think it will be good for my parents to have a chance to make a fresh start in a home that has everything they want (though my mom is already pretty attached to our cozy condo).

Ultimately I have plans to be out in my own place (finally!) within a year or so anyways, so I’m not too affected by the whole process. Except for sharing the room with my brother, that’s really getting old fast šŸ™‚


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