Together Tuesday #5: Cleaning out the fridge

It’s official, in less than a week my family and I move out of our house and into a cozy 2 bedroom condo for the summer. I have no problem with having a roommate (did that for years) but the idea of rooming with my younger brother… that’s been a little harder to come to terms with.

Between all the leftovers from the party this weekend and our impending move we have a lot of food hanging around the house, but it’s all the random “I don’t know what to do with this” kind of stuff. Thankfully there’s tons of cut up fruits and veggies so I’ve been doing all right with the good stuff 🙂

The one thing we have a TON (besides salad, more on that tomorrow!) is strawberries. I loved the grab and go convenience of the muffins I made a few weeks ago and I’m excited to try and pull together recipes from two of my favorite foodies to make something (hopefully!) delicious.

Strawberry Banana Muffins from Meghan 

Blackberry Blueberry Banana Muffins from Michelle
I’m planning on enjoying an afternoon of baking after class today and I’m excited to let you know how they turn out!
Thanks to Jessie for encouraging me to cook up some of the treats I have bookmarked. Be sure to stop by her link up today to see what other people are drooling over this week 🙂
What’s your favorite fruit to put in muffins? 


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