Week in review #5 Graduation celebration!

Happy Monday! Well I won’t assume that you’re having a happy Monday (I know how most people feel about this day of the week…) but I am having a happy monday indeed 🙂
I’m back to my usual routine (almost!) which means another week in review for you! (though let’s be honest I have about 2 weeks work of life to catch you back up on. 
It may not always be interesting but I do strive to keep things real around here (that has to count for something, right!?)
Thanks as always  to Meghan for hosting!
* I survived my first (and last, THANK GOD!) “Maymester”. That hell of a semester-in-a-month was dreamed up by some crazy who thought summer classes/clinic weren’t enough on their own… We took 2 full length classes which put me in class 14 hours a week. I know that doesn’t sound soo bad but imagine sitting in the same room for 4 hours straight… yeah it was fun
*I managed to keep my promise of writing at least 3 posts a week, sharing recipes, eats, (rants) and life with you 🙂
* I had one really bad headache (but I think the 45 minutes at a dead standstill on the highway would do that to just about anyone)
*My baby brother graduated from high school!! He’s off to ISU in the fall (and probably up to no good this summer) and I have to say it made me feel OLD knowing that he’s going to college. 

*The BF came home to visit for my brothers graduation party this weekend so I got to catch up (and steal some kisses!)

* I get to start the course I’ve been looking forward to all summer tonight (the 5-8 time slot is less than ideal but whatever). I’m re-taking AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) which is my favorite aspect of the field and an area that I hope to work in in the future 🙂

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