Foodie Pen Pals: May 2013, super spicy chocolate?

I went a little crazy this month… aside from joining up with everyone’s link parties I also signed up for 2 exchanges! Foodie Pen Pals was a great way to meet 2 new bloggers, share a little foodie love and get some in return 🙂

The Lean Green Bean

This month I was paired up with Stephanie  and Kristyn  (who both have pretty cool sites!) to swap some of our favorite treats.  I gave you a sneak peak inside my box from Kristyn when it first came…
(didn’t she wrap it so pretty!?)
But now I get to share the goodies that came inside it! Kristyn was sweet enough to double-triple check everything she sent me to make sure it was GF (so I could enjoy it!).  

And enjoy I did 🙂
My box had a jar of deliciously spicy salsa (that I may or may not have eaten within a day of opening…) as well as some Food Should Taste Good chips for dipping. To go with all that spice she sent me a sweet little treat of Pamela’s Brownie mix and frosting mix! I’m saving that chocolatey goodness for this weekend (when I can’t eat the cake at my brother’s graduation party) but I’m betting they are going to taste amazing!
A huge thanks to Lindsay  at The Lean Green Bean for hosting this amazing exchange. I’m already on the hunt for some tasty local treats to share next month 🙂
What’s your go-to treat, spicy or sweet?

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