Cara Box: May 2013, From Seattle with love

I had the pleasure this month of participating in my first ever Cara Box exchange, courtesy of Kaitlyn over at Wiffesionals. I have to say this girl is a genius, not only did I get to meet two wonderful ladies (Alycia and Kristen) but you get presents! Seriously how awesome is that.

Cara Box

This month I sent a box to Kristen at The very Unofficial Adult, and I received a box from Alycia part of the team behind Cup of Ting. Lucky for me the theme was regional and Alycia just happens to be from Seattle (i.e. my favorite place EVER!)
(how lucky am I?)
She filled my box with all natural body products (which smell like a dream). A deliciously fresh tea, and the cutest Seattle themed mug to go with it! An assortment of GF goodies, a Washington state sticker, a roll on headache treatment, and a wonderfully sweet note 🙂
Seriously you’d think we’ve been friends for ages that’s how well Alycia put together this box!
I’m already looking forward to joining up with 2 new blogging friends for the exchange next month. 
If you could live anywhere in the U.S. where would you choose to go?


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