Together Tuesdays #4: my summer wants!

So I missed my week in review post yesterday (sorry Meghan!) but I figure I should try to get all my work done before I review it!! Here’s what I’ wishing I had time to eat this week (instead of the sad assortment of foods you’ll see tomorrow…)

(Thanks Jessie for hosting!)
I’d kill for some of the bruschetta from Peas and Crayons… Tomatoes taste like summer and it’s been far too chilly here for my taste. This would be a great pick me up from all the weather 🙂
This Curried Coconut Cauliflower from Peachy Palate  also sounds like an awesome way to transition to summer. 
But for now I’m at the clinic (Job #1) completing all the backlogged reports that are due in June (yikes!!) I’ll be lucky if I break for food, let alone trying to actually cook 😦
What summer favorite are you excited to make again?


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