WIAW #6: April eats

Hey guys, welcome (as usual) to What I ate Wednesday! A big thanks goes out to the lovely Jenn for hosting the party!

With the month of April officially over I thought I would use today as a little summary of what I ate this month 🙂 This month has been all over the board in terms of food. From my usual eating habits, to a strict anti-inflammatory diet, to this week of (sort of successfully) starting to reintroduce foods I feel like this place has been all over the board.

There have been lots of smoothies
Lots and lots of greens
( I lost track at 8 bags of spinach)

And a good amount of quinoa
Overall I’ve felt cleaner and lighter and I have certainly reduced my headaches. The verdict is still out on whether or not dairy can come back to stay, but I’ve done okay with corn, peanuts, and eggs so far.
I know none of this is new food for you guys (sorry!) but it’s kind of cool for me personally to be able to look back over the month and really see the difference in the food, that seems to be making such a difference in my body 🙂 
What’s your favorite thing you ate this month? (as if you could pick just one)


8 thoughts on “WIAW #6: April eats

  1. meghan @ scratch-made wife

    I just love how green and healthy spinach smoothies are – and that they taste delicious. Go, you, for eating so many bags! I should work on that.

    My favorite thing I ate all month was simple: sweet potato chunks my momma cooked for me added to a bowl of cottage cheese, topped with a little natural peanut butter and cinnamon.

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    I'm glad to hear the clean eating seems to be helping you. It's amazing what food can do, and I'm thrilled you've been able to get eggs back in the mix. Yolk porn is so much fun, and your berry loaded quinoa looks great too.
    Eight bags of spinach and counting…damn, that's impressive.

  3. Sarah Pie

    Haha yolk porn 😉

    And I didn't realize it had been SO much spinach until my mom pointed it out (and almost refused to buy more for me. Thanks for stopping by.


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