Just like a book club

Hey guys! You’ll be sorry to hear (I’m sure) that despite my best efforts my migraines have been back in full force as of late ūüė¶
I have an appointment to go back to the neurologist in a few weeks (that office is HARD to get into!) but until then I’m just biding my a getting through my days with a large help from my Sumatriptan. I’ve mentioned here before how I’ve started keeping a really detailed headache diary, trying to get a handle on my personal triggers and symptoms… so far no dice but maybe the Dr. will be able to help with that.¬†
The reason I’m rambling on about my current run of headaches however is because they’ve inspired me to do a bit of reading, and I thought (since they fit with this month’s green theme anyways) I’d share my two current books of choice with you. Both of them look at lifestyle changes as a way to treat (or cure) what ails you.¬†
Since the last time I was at the Dr.she wanted to put me on a preventative drug¬†regimen¬†for my headaches (and I’m not to keen on that idea) I figure a little more research (and personal experimentation) with alternative treatments can’t hurt. ¬†
Actually having a bit of time to read something I want (that isn’t required for class) in the Marvelous in my Monday ūüôā

Book one is Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet

I’m not interested in it from a diet standpoint, as much as I am from a lifestyle standpoint. Kris’ story is pretty inspiring and she offers a lot of research to back up her¬†recommendations. I haven’t read enough yet to try any of her suggestions, and I doubt even she will be able to convince me to go Vegan (I like my yogurt waaayyy too much for that). However I am excited to read all that she has to say and hopefully find some suggestions I can take away to implement in my own life.¬†
Book two is Toxic Free by Debra Lynn Dadd
This is another book that appears to be¬†comprehensively¬†researched, this one dealing with eliminating toxins as a way to promote healing in the body. I like it from the perspective of reducing your toxic impact on the¬†environment¬†around you, and if doing that can help me to improve my own health than I’m game. I haven’t gotten very far into this one yet, but I’ll be sure to update you if I find anything good ūüôā
So see it’s just like a book club (minus the wine)! Now that you know what I’ll be reading you can feel free to join in on the fun, or recommend a green lifestyle book of your own. Thanks to¬†Katie¬†for hosting the link up!


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