Easter Preperations

Hey guys, happy Friday (it really is happy because it finally feels like spring around here)! I’ve had the day off (as usual) and I’ve been spending the day catching up on paperwork and running errands. We decided to get together with our family on Easter Saturday this year (don’t ask…) so one of my stops today was at my favorite bakery to get myself a GF treat.

(okay so technically I got a few treats)
My mom is planning on making a carrot cake for all the gluten eaters in our family, and rather than get in her way in the kitchen trying to make my own (uncontaminated) treat I planned to stop by the bakery to get a GF carrot cake cupcake for myself. 
I did get one of those but I was also drawn in by the cupcakes decorated to look like adorable little bunnies. 
(you can’t tell me that’s not adorable)
I also picked up a lemon pound cake and a loaf of Irish soda bread to put in the freezer for later. As much as I like baking and playing around in the kitchen, sometimes it’s just nice to know you have a treat waiting for you. 

Check back tomorrow for this months wrap up, and a sneak peak at the challenge I’m accepting for April. Enjoy the rest of this Friday!


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