Homemade date night

Hey guys, I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by! My trip to visit the BF was certainly a nice break from the Dysphagia at school and the crazy house selling stuff at home. Usually leaving is hard but this time I get to see him again over the weekend!

Tonight is a quickie, because BF and I are getting ready to go out and celebrate my last night here.

I’m rocking the new pink pants I was so excited about thrifting over the weekend (don’t mine the picture BF’s apartment has really old mirrors).  And I’m excited to enjoy an evening out together 🙂

Before we go out though we made dinner together… Homemade GF pizza!
(Look at that cheesy goodness)
Cooking with BF is always an adventure, and I enjoy getting to teach him new kitchen basics every time I’m down here (like how to dice an onion). 

(Gotta have some green on the plate)
We enjoyed pizza, salad, and the bottle of wine we won at the Gala back in February (and felt pretty classy if I do say so myself). 
The pizza wasn’t perfect, and I definitely have to make some modifications before I would share the recipe here, but it was still miles ahead of any frozen GF pizza I’ve tried. So keep your eyes peeled for the recipe in the next few weeks once I get the crust perfected!


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